Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance For My Business?

Most business owners never expect to exceed the coverage limits following a covered loss, but it happens every day to business owners like you. Without an adequate umbrella insurance policy, a devastating financial loss could mean that you essentially lose your business overnight — and your personal assets too. If you want to protect you and your business against claims arising from unforeseen events, you need to contact one of our trained specialists.

Does B.W. Baker Offer Umbrella Insurance?

Yes. We’ve been in the commercial insurance industry for many years and have the resources necessary to protect your business. Among our insurance offerings is umbrella coverage with up to $10 million of additional funds. There is no better way to adequately reduce the financial risk associated with running your business. For more information or to obtain a free quote, contact a B.W. Baker Insurance representative today.

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