Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

What Is Group Health Insurance?Apply Now »

Group health insurance is essentially health insurance provided to members of a formal group, such as employees of a firm or members of an association, at a discounted rate by insurers. The base premiums for group health insurance are more affordable than those for personal health insurance because the insurers have a greater ability to diversify the risk. In addition, group health insurance is advantageous tax-wise to both employers and employees because of tax deductions and exemptions. In fact, research shows that employees often consider health insurance to be the most important benefit provided by employers. If you’re interested in offering group health insurance to your employees, contact a B.W. Baker health insurance representative for more information.

Does B.W. Baker Offer Group Health Insurance?

Yes. We offer a suite of group health insurance products through a variety of carriers. With over 30 years of insurance experience, our trained specialists will personally assess your needs and budget to determine the most appropriate group health insurance plan for your business. Click here to fill out our online group health insurance quote form, or contact a B.W. Baker health insurance specialist today to schedule your risk-free consultation.

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