Property Insurance

Business Property Insurance

What Is Business Property Insurance?

Business property insurance protects your assets against unexpected occurrences such as fire, hail, windstorms and other natural disasters. While other policies may be optional, this type of policy is an essential component of risk management for small businesses because it provides coverage for the following: the building, personal property, and business income, among others. Quite simply, business property insurance will help get your business running again in the event of a covered loss. Contact a B.W. Baker commercial lines specialist to learn more about business property insurance.

What Coverage Options Are Available?

The three main components of business property insurance are building coverage, business personal property coverage, and business income coverage.

Building coverage ensures that your physical business locations are repaired or rebuilt quickly following a coverage loss, and loss of income will essentially be minimized or avoided altogether.

Business personal property insurance will help you replace any property your own or create for sale – from equipment and tools to uniforms and inventory. This coverage is important because the assets within your building are often just as valuable, if not more valuable, as the building itself. No business owner should be without business personal property insurance.

Business income coverage replaces lost business income and may also cover necessary operating and payroll expenses until the office and its contents are rebuilt or replaced. In other words, business income coverage makes sure that your business is able to continue operations following a covered loss.

Why Should I Insure My Business Through B.W. Baker?

B.W. Baker Insurance was founded in 1985 to service the unique insurance needs of Malibu residents. Since our expansion into commercial lines, our business insurance representatives have taken care of hundreds of business throughout Southern California. We have the ability to insure every aspect of your business regardless of the industry. In addition, our trained specialists have the knowledge and resources necessary to provide you with premier insurance at an affordable rate. For more information or to obtain a free business insurance quote, contact a B.W. Baker commercial lines representative today.


  • Bailee Coverage Bailee coverage provides protection for your business if a customer’s goods are damaged.
  • Transportation and Cargo Coverage Transportation and cargo coverage may cover your expenses if goods are damaged or lost during transportation.
  • Spoilage Coverage Spoilage coverage protects your business if perishable goods are spoiled due to a power outage or mechanical breakdown.

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